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About Rats

In this article, we will talk about the most common type of nuisance rat in the world, the black rat, known by its Latin name Rattus rattus. The black rat is a prehistoric animal that is known for its incredible capabilities and for its adaptability. You can find black rats today in almost every part of the world. They are literally everywhere. First origins of Florida black rats are believed to be from South Asia. However, black rats are present on every continent today. They got their name from the Britons in the 18th century. Many species of black rats are known to the human. Some species of the black rat disappeared and appeared over and over again. These varmint animals have always been a threat to the human beings. We said that because black rats carry a number of dangerous diseases. In some parts of the world, such as in India, rats are worshipped as gods. Black rats were responsible for numerous pandemics and epidemics that were ever recorded in history. Black rats carry a number of bacteria and viruses. Rats have a long tail that they use for balance and for regulating their body temperature.

Rats are generally small animals. They come in many sizes and colors. They have a long tail. Some rats are so small that they could fit a child’s palm whereas some Florida rats are as big as a domestic cat. However, such rats that are the size of a domestic cat are extremely rare. Rats usually come in colors such as brown, black, and white. These animals have very large and long ears. Now, let’s talk about black rats. An average adult black rat is 5 to 7 inches long. Black rats weigh on average from 75 to 200 grams. Although the black rats are called black rats, they come in various colors. Although called black, black rats usually come in white or gray color.

Life Cycle
A female black rat can have nearly 10 babies per each birth. Every rat baby is born deaf and blind. The gestation period for black rats is short. It is around three weeks in total. The young black rats are weaned three weeks after birth. A black rat becomes sexually mature at three months old. Black rats have a tendency to mate in areas close to the place where they were born. The average life span of a black rat is one year in the wild. Female black rats live longer than male black Florida rats.

Black rats can be found in almost every part of the world. These animals are able to survive in extreme weather conditions. These varmint animals live both in the wild and in the urban areas. Brown and black rats usually live in the urban areas. Rats especially love to live in areas where they will have a constant source of food. This is why they invade people’s homes. The only place on Earth where you won’t find black rats is the Antarctic.

Rats are known for being omnivorous animals. This means they can eat everything as long as it is edible. Rats are especially fond of eating human food. In the wild, black rats eats fruits, berries, and nuts. People who have fruit trees in their yard should especially implement preventive measures against rats.

We can describe Florida rats as highly social animals. These animals can literally express their mood to other rats. Rats also show empathy towards other members of their species, which is uncommon in other rodents.

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