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We operate a professional wildlife removal company in Cocoa, Titusville, Sebastian, and Melbourne, Florida. We perform a wide variety of solutions to pest critter problems. Call us 24/7 to discuss your wildlife issue, and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cell Phone: 321-710-7253

  Melbourne Animal Trapping: We provide humane animal trapping services. We are familiar with the common nuisance species in Cocoa, Titusville, Sebastian, and Melbourne, which include raccoons, opossums, armadillos, squirrels, and more. If these critters are causing a problem, we set the appropriate traps to gently catch and relocate the animals at least 10 miles from your home. Trapping is not simple, and it is governed by strict Florida wildlife laws, so it is not a job for homeowners.
  Home Inspections: We most commonly deal with animals inside homes. Raccoons in the attic, squirrels in the eaves, rats in the walls, etc. The problem will never be solved unless we perform an inpsection of your house to find out how the critters are getting inside. Could be open vent screens, eave gaps, loose siding, or dozens of other places.
  Wildlife Damage & Entry Hole Repairs: In order to solve the Cocoa, Titusville, Sebastian, and Melbourne critter problem, we need to seal the entry holes shut. We perform professional contractor-grade repairs on your home to ensure that wildlife cannot re-enter your house, and we guarantee our repairs.
  Attic Cleanup: The animals in your attic usually leave behind waste - urine and feces. These not only cause odor, they can cause mold in your attic, and they can attract new wildlife to try to enter your house. We clean and decontaminate, offering full Melbourne attic restoration services. We remove soiled feces and fog the attic with a microbial cleaner.
  Melbourne Rodent and Rat Control: Melbourne is full of rats, which commonly enter homes. The predominant species is the Black Rat, also known as the Roof Rat. Mice are actually quite rare in Melbourne. They are a challenge to get rid of permanently, but we are proven as the top experts in Florida when it comes to permanent Melbourne rodent control. This is because we solve the root of the problem, by identifying and sealing shut all entry holes into the house. We do not use poisons. We trap and remove the rats.
  Melbourne Bat Removal: We are known as the top bat removal experts in Melbourne. Our special process does not harm a single bat, as required by Florida law. We perform a bat exclusion, which allows the bats to fly out at night but not be able to re-enter the house in the morning. Most importantly, we inspect every inch of your house to find all bat entry holes, down to a quarter inch, and seal them shut, for a permanent solution with guarantee.
  Melbourne Snake Removal: Melbourne has many snake species. It's true that there are a few venomous species, such as the Pigmy Rattlesnake, the Cottonmouth, the Coral Snake, and Eastern Diamondback, but most snake species in Melbourne are harmless, such as the Black Racer, Yellow Rat Snake, or Garter Snake. Still, we excel at Melbourne snake control, and can safely remove snakes from your property or inside your house.

Melbourne, FL animal removal tip: Do Rats Chew On Wires? Why? Many homeowners have asked this question time without number as whether rats chew on electric wire. Oodles of people are also wondering why rats are always interesting chewing on Cocoa, Titusville, Sebastian, and Melbourne exterminator wires. Does it mean rat want to wicked homeowner by causing electrical short or exposing house to risk of fire cause by electricity or it just chew the wire for fun? These are not the case as rat does not have any special hatred on the owner of the house where it dwells. More so, rat does not feed on electric wire as just as most people presumed. But why do they constantly chew on wires?

The Reason Why Rat Chew on Wires
Rats just as other rodents gnaw on variety of surfaces in a bid to scratch it teeth and watch the Melbourne animal removal growth. The teeth constantly grow throughout the life time of rat making them to be in the business of grooming their teeth to about it growing more than their mouth. They do not only chew on wires but also on insulations and other kind of surfaces around them. So, if you find out that your wire has been chewed in pieces, you should simply suspect rat as that is just one of the signs that you have rat infestation in your home and Melbourne raccoon removal.

The Problem Associated With Rat Chew on Wires
Majority of homeowners have suffered fire outbreak from unknown origin and some discover that some part of their home do not have electricity power while some do. These are mostly as a result of Melbourne wildlife removal rat chewing of wires in the attic and ceiling. Rat can remove the surface of your wire and expose your home to risk of electricity fire outbreak. That made it important put rat on run whenever you find them within or near your home.

A Look at Rat Teeth That Made Them Chew Wires
Rat incisors look exactly like chisel with hard orange or yellow enamel on the outer part of the Cocoa, Titusville, Sebastian, and Melbourne pest control teeth. The teeth are very sharp that it can easily cut anything it comes in contact with. More so, the teeth continuously grow making rat to always chew surfaces to keep the teeth in check. This is just the reason why rat can cause serious damage to your electrical wire within a short period of time. They can equally damage your insulation system within a short time making them unwelcome to any parts of your home including attic and others.
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