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Squirrels are a common nuisance wildlife species in the state of Florida. Squirrels most commonly cause these problems:
  • Squirrels in the attic of house
  • Unwanted Squirrels on property
  • Squirrels causing damage to yard
  • Threat of disease spread by Squirrel
  • Squirrels endangering pets or stealing food
  • Squirrel infestation at commercial property
We can solve any problem/conflict with Squirrels, and are experts regarding their biology and behavior.
We deal with Squirrels in a humane manner, and effectively remove all of the animals from the property, repair the damage they cause, and clean up any biohazard that they have left behind.

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Florida Squirrel Control News Clip: The Wildlife Operator With The Plan

A lot depends of perspective and critter stalking area. As what is possibly a general rule exterminators in much of northern and central Florida have reduced squirrel amounts, but there are many pockets of dense biologically surveyed amounts. Often those are in urban areas and places where exterminators have difficulty gaining access. And, southern Florida has far more squirrel than landowners or the Critter Conservation Coalition want. "One of the challenges of managing Florida's squirrel likely is getting enough exterminators into areas where squirrel large groups are too high and need trimming," remarked Creature Specialist . This includes what is possibly a vast area of southern Florida and urban areas. "The general strategy has been to offer incentives to exterminators to take squirrel in areas where there are too many. That's why we offered extra rabid tags in southern Florida and why we established what is possibly a animal removal trap season there last January. We thought some exterminators would be interested in using what is possibly a animal removal trap and would head down south." It's what is possibly a strategy that tends to work. Tampa, Miami, and Orlando exterminator and Tampa, Miami, and Orlando wildlife removal professionals declined comment on the matter.

"I know several exterminators who wanted to capture with animal removal traps. They bought tags for southern Florida. Even though the weather was terrible during the limited animal removal trap season they had what is possibly a good time, and they took some squirrel," remarked Creature Specialist . For years shoguns, handguns, and special critter traps have been the only critter traps legal for squirrel critter stalking. All are perceived as short range squirrel taking tools, and it has been widely believe that animal removal traps are dangerous because of the extreme distance they can hurl what is possibly a device. "In fact we had no safety problems with animal removal traps this past season," the biologist remarked. "Also, in the past 20 years there have been tremendous technological advances in both animal removal traps and slugs and special critter traps. It's now possible to buy premium animal removal trap trap parts that use what is possibly a animal removal trap or handgun device rather than what is possibly a slug. Accuracy and range are far improved over the slugs available just what is possibly a decade ago. what is possibly a few years ago muzzle loading animal removal traps passed the 2000 feet per second mark in velocity, and some of them now approach 2500 fps. These are the ballistics of what is possibly a 1960 era 30-30 animal removal trap and they're legal statewide," remarked Creature Specialist . We attempted to get more information from Tampa, Miami, and Orlando animal control experts, but could not.

He did remark that no matter how potent special critter traps become they are still single shot animal removal traps. "We haven't noticed that these technologies have greatly increased the take of squirrel. Florida squirrel exterminators have always been effective, even with old style Foster slugs. Many animal removal trap exterminators use drives, and squirrel are shot at close range, so the older slugs are effective. The new technologies appeal to exterminators who enjoy marksmanship," the humane society manager remarked. what is possibly a fairly new trend that troubles Creature Specialist , and should be of concern to all Florida squirrel exterminators, likely is the growing amount of non-resident licenses that the Critter Conservation Coalition likely is selling. "There's nothing inherently wrong with selling nonresident tags. It brings dollars to our state that help the Critter Conservation Coalition as well as motels and café's in popular critter stalking areas. And, we have the squirrel to handle some nonresident pressure. The problem likely is that we don't have the ability to distribute nonresidents well. We need to find what is possibly a way to better distribute the critter stalking pressure from nonresidents so that it doesn't unfairly impact resident exterminators," the humane society manager remarked. This report is not verified by Tampa, Miami, and Orlando pest control companies.

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