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We operate a professional wildlife removal company in Ocala, The Villages, and Leesburg, Florida. We perform a wide variety of solutions to pest critter problems. Call us 24/7 to discuss your wildlife issue, and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  Ocala Animal Trapping: We provide humane animal trapping services. We are familiar with the common nuisance species in Ocala, which include raccoons, opossums, armadillos, squirrels, and more. If these critters are causing a problem, we set the appropriate traps to gently catch and relocate the animals at least 10 miles from your home. Trapping is not simple, and it is governed by strict Florida wildlife laws, so it is not a job for homeowners.
  Home Inspections: We most commonly deal with animals inside homes. Raccoons in the attic, squirrels in the eaves, rats in the walls, etc. The problem will never be solved unless we perform an inpsection of your house to find out how the critters are getting inside. Could be open vent screens, eave gaps, loose siding, or dozens of other places.
  Wildlife Damage & Entry Hole Repairs: In order to solve the Ocala critter problem, we need to seal the entry holes shut. We perform professional contractor-grade repairs on your home to ensure that wildlife cannot re-enter your house, and we guarantee our repairs.
  Attic Cleanup: The animals in your attic usually leave behind waste - urine and feces. These not only cause odor, they can cause mold in your attic, and they can attract new wildlife to try to enter your house. We clean and decontaminate, offering full Ocala attic restoration services. We remove soiled feces and fog the attic with a microbial cleaner.
  Ocala Rodent and Rat Control: Ocala is full of rats, which commonly enter homes. The predominant species is the Black Rat, also known as the Roof Rat. Mice are actually quite rare in Ocala. They are a challenge to get rid of permanently, but we are proven as the top experts in Florida when it comes to permanent Ocala rodent control. This is because we solve the root of the problem, by identifying and sealing shut all entry holes into the house. We do not use poisons. We trap and remove the rats.
  Ocala Bat Removal: We are known as the top bat removal experts in Ocala. Our special process does not harm a single bat, as required by Florida law. We perform a bat exclusion, which allows the bats to fly out at night but not be able to re-enter the house in the morning. Most importantly, we inspect every inch of your house to find all bat entry holes, down to a quarter inch, and seal them shut, for a permanent solution with guarantee.
  Ocala Snake Removal: Ocala has many snake species. It's true that there are a few venomous species, such as the Pigmy Rattlesnake, the Cottonmouth, the Coral Snake, and Eastern Diamondback, but most snake species in Ocala are harmless, such as the Black Racer, Yellow Rat Snake, or Garter Snake. Still, we excel at Ocala snake control, and can safely remove snakes from your property or inside your house.

Ocala, FL animal removal tip: Do mothballs or ammonia help repel wildlife? Armadillos are common in some parts of the continent and they are usually classed as pests because of their behavioral aspect of digging large burrows and other holes in the yards. It is therefore significant to keep these animals at bay especially if they invade your property.

Mothball repellents:
Many people believe that mothballs are genuine repellents that will yield positive results by driving armadillos away but they rarely provide results that are desired. There are several reasons why mothballs are considered as a bogus repellent; armadillos have rare predators therefore using mothballs is always a waste of time, moreover, they have a very strong sense of smell, they will therefore not leave your yard but they will only avoid areas where moth balls have been laid in the garden.

Ammonia repellents:
Ammonia works in the same manner as mothballs and it is not very dependable especially when you intend to get rid of armadillos. Ammonia is undependable because the smell fades away after a sometime giving the armadillos an opportunity to dig destructible burrows in your yard. You have to know that armadillos are tolerable to the unbearable odor of these products therefore using them will be waste of time and also money. The important question to ask oneself is what are the most effective techniques that will help get rid of these Ocala raccoon removal animals quickly? One of the most effective ways of dealing with armadillo problem is using traps and physically removing the animal. Apart from being effective, it is easier to use and yields positive results quickly. You can therefore use Ocala exterminator cage traps by placing them at their entry points into your yard and be sure to yield the best results.

Another technique of keeping wildlife away from your yard is by using exclusion fences, exclusion fences will prevent armadillos and other pests from getting into your garden, you also have to ensure that you carry out frequent checks to ensure that the fences are intact at all times. The advantage of this technique is that it is inexpensive unlike when you are using mothballs and ammonia. Frequent use of insecticides will also prevent armadillos from invading your yard because they highly depend on insects and grubs for their survival. Armadillos are not dangerous Ocala wildlife removal animals therefore there are people who can co exist with them without having any trouble; furthermore they are considered as nomadic animals. As nomads, they do not stay in one place for a very long time therefore you can allow them to stay in your yard for a couple of days and they will leave on their own. The bottom line is that mothballs and ammonia are not the best repellents that will help drive away armadillos when they invade your Ocala animal removal property.
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