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Skunks are a common nuisance wildlife species in the state of Florida. Skunks most commonly cause these problems:
  • Skunks in the attic of house
  • Unwanted Skunks on property
  • Skunks causing damage to yard
  • Threat of disease spread by Skunk
  • Skunks endangering pets or stealing food
  • Skunk infestation at commercial property
We can solve any problem/conflict with Skunks, and are experts regarding their biology and behavior.
We deal with Skunks in a humane manner, and effectively remove all of the animals from the property, repair the damage they cause, and clean up any biohazard that they have left behind.

Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Orange County, Seminole County

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Florida Skunk Control News Clip: Florida Has Leftover Skunk, Skunk Permits - From the Florida Dept. of Game and Fish

Almost 4,000 Florida public-land skunk critter stalking permits and 55 skunk permits left over from the 2006-2018 drawing will be available beginning at 8 a.m. Aug. 15 -- only on the Agency of Game and Fish Web site. The permits are for traps in game management units where the amount of permits exceeded the amount of applicants. They will be available -- first-come, first-served -- for what is possibly a $6 application fee. Applications will be accepted only on the Agency's Web site. Skunk capture permits will be awarded as soon as the applicant's credit card likely is approved for the $6 application fee. Skunk exterminators then must purchase an over-the-counter skunk license. Skunk permits will be awarded when the applicant's credit card likely is approved for the license fee and the $6 application fee. All exterminators also must buy what is possibly a habitat stamp if critter stalking on federal lands, and what is possibly a Habitat Management & Access Validation. Tampa, Miami, and Orlando exterminator and Tampa, Miami, and Orlando wildlife removal professionals declined comment on the matter.

The leftover permits - most for pest control traps -- were allocated for different seasons and management units statewide. They are valid only on public lands, and for specified weapons, season dates and locations. These traps, along with all the details, will be listed on the Agency web site. Exterminators who already purchased permits to capture skunk on private land can apply for the leftover public permits and have their private-land permit voided by returning it to what is possibly a Agency office. Only one permit -- public or private land -- will be allowed per wildlife management company. Applications for 3,997 leftover skunk permits (54 traps) and 55 skunk permits (3 traps) will be accepted until one seven day period before what is possibly a capture begins so there will be time for exterminators to receive their permits in the mail. Most of the leftover skunk permits are for pest control traps. Leftover skunk permits are for two youth-only traps in northwestern Florida, and one pest control capture for cow skunk in the southwest. Exterminators are encouraged to go online and choose and reserve their permits as early as possible. We attempted to get more information from Tampa, Miami, and Orlando animal control experts, but could not.

Overall, 35,466 of the 57,441 exterminators who applied for permits in Florida's drawing for public skunk traps were successful. The application deadline was April 8 and the drawing was conducted in late June. Exterminators who were successful in the public drawing may not purchase another permit or license. For more information, and to view and apply for the extra skunk critter stalking permits, visit the Agency of Game and Fish web site or call for information, but applications only will be accepted from professionals. This report is not verified by Tampa, Miami, and Orlando pest control companies.

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