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How to Get Rid of Skunks

Harmless Creatures
Skunks are generally creatures that won’t cause you any harm, but it’s not the best idea to get anywhere close to them. If you get close to a Florida skunk, the chances are high that a skunk will release an awful gas that can irritate your eyes and make you vomit in some instances. If you approach a skunk, the chances are also high that it could bite you and you may get infected with rabies. Skunks are omnivorous animals that can even live off on human droppings. These animals often invade people’s residences and can be a real nuisance once they invade a property. In this article, we will teach you how you can get rid of skunks effectively.

Removing Food Sources
Remove natural food sources such as nuts and berries from your yard to prevent skunks from invading your yard. If there are trees in your yard that give crabapples, berries, nuts, and other types of fruit, you should clean them by raking up your yard every week. If you have piles of grass clippings in your Florida garden, you should also get rid of such vegetation because it is inviting for skunks. If you have a garden as a part of your property, you should harvest ripe veggies and fruits immediately when they are ready for that because a skunk may feast on them. If you have a bird feeder on your property, put a tray underneath it that will catch seeds that fall from it.

Protect Your Trash Cans
Skunks are pretty similar to raccoons because they, just as raccoons, love to forage through trash cans. Skunks are even capable of surviving on the food they find in garbage cans. Now, if you don’t want skunks to invade your trash cans, you should protect your trash cans somehow. Regular garbage cans won’t protect themselves from Florida skunks. You will need to purchase new, skunk-proof garbage cans to protect your property from skunk invaders. We recommend you buy garbage cans which you can lock. These garbage cans aren’t expensive and they will save your property from skunks. We also highly recommend you to store your trash cans in closed areas, such as a garage or a shed.

Skunk Hiding Places
Skunks enjoy making homes under porches and sheds. Now, if you don’t want a skunk to live under your porch or shed, you will need to close off those spaces. We recommend you close off those areas with things such as plywood, rocks, or with fencing. If you have a bunch of log piles in your yard, you should know that skunks may use them as shelters. You will need to store your log piles in a secluded area to prevent skunks from using them as a shelter. Another thing you probably have in your yard that is inviting to skunks is large bushes. You should trim such large bushes because skunks also love to make a shelter out of them.

Skunk Deterrents
Skunks are the animals of the night, but they dislike bright lights. You can take this fact to your advantage always and install bright light sources in your yard that will chase away the skunks and other wild Florida animals. If you don’t want to set up bright lights in your yard, then you can set up some motion sensors that will scare the skunks away from your yard. However, we still recommend you to set up bright light sources in your yard since they are more effective and skunks won’t get used to them. Still, the decision is on you.

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