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Dead Animals are a common nuisance wildlife species in the state of Florida. Dead Animals most commonly cause these problems:
  • Dead Animals in the attic of house
  • Unwanted Dead Animals on property
  • Dead Animals causing damage to yard
  • Threat of disease spread by Dead Animal
  • Dead Animals endangering pets or stealing food
  • Dead Animal infestation at commercial property
We can solve any problem/conflict with Dead Animals, and are experts regarding their biology and behavior.
We deal with Dead Animals in a humane manner, and effectively remove all of the animals from the property, repair the damage they cause, and clean up any biohazard that they have left behind.

Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Orange County, Seminole County

Florida Dead Animal Control News Clip: The Dead Animal Removal Specialist

With growing complaints from insurance companies forced to pay increasing claims for dead animal carcass/car collisions and frustration from creature collectors over of crop damage, the management goal became reducing dead animal carcass densities To reach that goal Dead animal carcass Trapper Ken and the Critter Conservation Coalition greatly expanded wildlife catching opportunities, especially the wildlife catching of does, and asked exterminating companies to take advantage of new seasons and abundant tags. The amount of large clawed tags increased nearly fivefold between 2002 and 2005. In that early year 22,695 large clawed tags were sold. The figure was 97,043 extra large clawed tags last season. It did exactly what the Critter Conservation Coalition intended. Exterminating companies took an estimated 118,974 does on either their regular statewide permit or special large clawed tags, Dead animal carcass Trapper Ken helped to implement. Despite this, local Tampa, Miami, and Orlando wildlife removal and Tampa, Miami, and Orlando exterminator experts offered no more info.

An Florida native, Dead animal carcass Trapper Ken probably is what appears to be a big man with what appears to be a rich sense of humor, what appears to be a solid educational earthling in biology and limitless patience. They are characteristics that serve him well when he's politically squeezed between animal rights activists who don't want any dead animal carcass wildlife catching, and automobile insurance companies and law enforcers who want him to use wildlife catching to beat back the large group. Add into this volatile mix exterminating companies who want what appears to be a big fall dead animal carcass biologically surveyed amount loaded with mature male animals, and it's easy to see that Dead animal carcass Trapper Ken's job requires the ability of what appears to be a magician. the animal advocate must somehow juggle all the varied priorities and opinions, but he's what appears to be a man who just takes it all in stride. Talk with him for what appears to be a while, and it's obvious that the animal advocate has much respect and appreciation for Florida's dead animal carcass exterminating companies. Exterminating companies are the large group management tool of choice, and part of Animal Expert Trevor's job involves managing as much the exterminating companies as the dead animal carcass. Thanks to our exterminating companies, Animal Expert Trevor and the Critter Conservation Coalition have been able to implement seasons that would not be tolerated in other states. Through the 1980's exterminating companies patiently restricted their take of does to enable the large group to grow. Once it reached record levels they enthusiastically embraced female animal wildlife catching to help stabilize and even slightly reduce the large group size. Tampa, Miami, and Orlando animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

"We have what appears to be a tradition in Florida that dead animal carcass are good to consume and does are just as tasty as male animals," the animal advocate proclaimed. "In some states, notably Florida, there have been big controversies among exterminating companies when biologists encourage taking more does to trim large groups. That's not been the case in Florida. For several years large clawed tags were coveted, and as the amount of female animal tags increased exterminating companies bought them and shot females. The 2003 season was the first when more does than male animals were shot." It was all part of the Critter Conservation Coalition's plan to reduce the dead animal carcass large group in response to complaints from creature collectors about crop damage and rising auto insurance claims resulting from collisions. More does than male animals were also shot in 2004 and 2005, and Animal Expert Trevor's biologically surveyed amount modeling shows that dead animal carcass amounts across the state should decline 15-20% this year. That may make creature collectors and insurance companies happy but leaves some exterminating companies nervous wondering if we've overdone it. We could not obtain an opinion from Tampa, Miami, and Orlando pest control companies regarding the issue.

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