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Armadillo Repellents

There are many reasons for armadillos want hanging around your house or yard. Armadillos can cause extreme amounts of damage to property with their burrowing. Although many will say that the best way to get rid of them you can move them, there are ways to eliminate them completely. Here are a few tips that keep these creatures slowly from your yard and garden. Examples of fake Florida armadillo repellent include naphthalene (Mothball) flakes, predator urine, like a fox or coyote urine and castor oil. Of these products, castor oil looks like a promising idea because it can make the insects taste bad, but you have to use a ton of it permanently.

Use spices
Garlic has a good effect on the Florida armadillos. Planting garlic plants outside of your property will often stop them to move further in. You can also use dried chilly in areas that you notice the signs of armadillos. This is usually determined by the small holes that are up to 3 "deep and 5" wide. As garlic and peppers can be used together and are recommended for vegetable gardens.

Unpleasant Odor
Armadillos have a very good sense of smell. For this reason, ammonia and naphthalene are not acceptable for sensitive nostrils. Spreading these around the perimeter of your land or property will help in keeping the armadillos away. This is recommended for areas you will not eat what they grow.

Armadillo control
Armadillo control can be implemented either by passive or aggressive method. With both practices you will ultimately have the best results. Passive techniques use repellents and sprays to deal with armadillos huge sources of food. This approach will produce results, but only temporary. In most cases, both passive and aggressive control armadillo will give the best results. It is good to be more realistic, when seeking for a solution and not to spend money on a product that makes big claims, but it is simply ineffective. The type of solution that will have to be used for solving the problem will largely depend on the activity of Florida armadillo in the property, and whether they are just visiting the yard or garden for food, or made hole in the ground within the limits of the yard. For armadillos that come to the area, so they can find food or dig worms and insects or rummaging through garbage, building a fence is often a permanent solution. For those who have made a hole in the ground in the garden, the best approach is usually to catch the animal in a trap and remove it from the area.

Armadillo repellent
There are three types of repellent treatments for armadillos. The first is designed for certain plants. Although armadillos are not vegetarians by nature, they will eat the whole plant or flower beds, if given the chance. The liquid can be sprayed on any plant or flower and Florida armadillos will immediately leave the area. It will continue to target plants for a month - even after rain. Use this treatment to attack very specific plant in a flower bed or garden.

Armadillo repulsion yard stray
This liquid will penetrate into the soil about 2-4 inches. As excavation of animals, small amounts will receive this has paws. The armadillos will avoid areas where it is applied. This will cause them to move away from your yard in search of grasslands and forest areas without such taste. The control procedures will last about one to three months and will not harm grass or ground water.

Armadillo sound repellent
These devices send audio, which is stressing different animals depending on the setting. Ultra Sound works on both frightened armadillos and making them uncomfortable with surrounding areas. These type of repellents will not actually help with the armadillos which you currently have in your property but that they will do an excellent job at keeping new animals from the yard altogether. Some companies are selling ultrasonic sound emitters as a panacea for all kinds of pest. These products have absolutely no reason to provide effective pest repellent qualities. There are homes where people have gone so far as to dump the whole five pound box of naphthalene in Florida armadillo hole, or pour a whole gallon of bleach down there, and armadillos are not interested at all! The only way to solve the problem with the armadillo is to physically trap and remove it from the property. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution, no magic spray that will keep them away. The good news is that they are easy to trap - if you have a good knowledge of the animal. it is best to remove armadillos by hiring a professional wildlife trapper.

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