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How to Get Opossum Out of Your Attic

A Very Complex Case
Opossums frequently invade attics. Having an opossum in your attic is a very complex case. Such case almost always involves a female opossum living in the attic together with her litter. The opossum young cling to their momma possum, however, when they grow up they will simply leave her and start a life on their own. If you have opossums in your attic, don’t be at wonder if you see Florida opossum young roaming around your attic and falling down in the walls of your attic. If a young opossum falls into a cavity of your attic, it will call out its mother with a chirping call. If you don’t remove a trapped young opossum as soon as possible, you will have a biohazard in your home. In this article, we will learn how to get rid of opossums in your attic, no matter how complex your case is.

Opossum in the Attic Removal
Now, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of opossums in your attic. Follow these steps carefully, and you will successfully get rid of opossums in your attic:
Step 1 - Inspect your home thoroughly for opossum entry holes. If you find opossum entry holes, you should seal them with a metal mesh or anything else that Florida animals can’t gnaw and chew on.
Step 2 - Enter your attic. Lookup for the adult female opossum. If the momma opossum is in the attic, you should catch her with the help of a snare pole.
Step 3 - After catching the mom opossum, search for the baby opossums. They must be somewhere in your attic. When you finally find baby opossums in your attic, we recommend you remove them by hand. However, wear protective gloves while removing possum young.
Step 4 - If you didn’t succeed in implementing the first three steps, then you shouldn’t panic. You should set up some live opossum traps in your attic instead. Opossums are very likely to enter your live opossum traps if you bait them correctly with apples or aniseed oil spread on a piece of bread.
Step 5 - Once you make sure that all Florida possums aren’t present in your attic, i.e. when you make sure you’ve removed them all, you can start with repairing the entry holes in your attic. Consider repairing every small crack and hole in your attic with pro-grade repairs.
Step 6 - The last step you should implement is cleaning your attic. You should clean your attic after opossums because their waste is dangerous for your health. We recommend you wear safety equipment and a gas mask while cleaning up your attic from opossum waste so you won’t get infected with diseases found in opossum droppings. Once you clean up all possum waste in your attic, spray your attic with an enzyme cleaner.

Trapping Opossums in the Attic
If you can’t find the opossums right away in your attic, you will need to set up some traps to catch them. There are a plethora of opossum traps to choose from, but the best opossum traps are live Florida opossum traps. Live opossum traps are the most humane way to catch opossums in your attic. When you are about to buy a live opossum trap, opt for buying a large trap so that the opossum may fit in it completely. Your live opossum trap will have to bait with ease. Place your live trap in the center of your attic and bait it with an apple. Check it every day. When you catch an opossum in it, call a wildlife removal service to release the opossum somewhere in the wild.

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