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How To Trap a Squirrel

Do Squirrel Traps Actually Work?
If you ask yourself do squirrel traps actually work, we can tell you that they work and that they are effective in getting rid of Florida squirrels. However, you need to know that not every type of squirrel traps is effective. In this article, we will talk about humane squirrel traps called live squirrel traps. Live squirrel traps are the most effective traps for getting rid of squirrels in your home.

Single Squirrel Live Cage Trap
Single squirrel live cage traps or live squirrel traps are the most common type of squirrel traps on the market today. These traps are so good that even professional wildlife removers use them. There are various models and makes of live squirrel cage traps. Squirrel cage traps are most of the time metal cages in which a squirrel will enter if lured into it by food. Near the back of live squirrel cage trap is a trip pan that acts like a trigger. When a squirrel steps on the trip pan contained in a live Florida squirrel trap, the trip pan will trigger the door of the trap to shut. This will make the animal trapped inside the trap while keeping it alive. Every live squirrel trap is made from different materials. However, most live squirrel traps are made from steel bars.

What You Need to Know About Live Squirrel Traps
Your live squirrel trap must be large enough to keep the squirrel trapped in it completely. The best live squirrel traps you can buy are 16 inches long and 5 inches high and wide metal cage squirrel traps. If you buy a metal cage florida squirrel trap that is too small, the squirrel won’t fit in the trap. On the other hand, if you buy too large live squirrel trap, it is most likely that the squirrel will hurt itself while in the cage by throwing itself at the walls of the trap.

The Most Common Live Squirrel Trap Brand
The most common metal cage squirrel trap brand today you can find in almost any hardware store is Havahart. Many people believe that they can handle Havahart traps themselves only to find out later they can’t even set up the trap. If you can’t set up your Havahart trap, call a professional to do the work for you.

Other Squirrel Traps
Besides live cage traps, there are also other types of squirrel traps that are effective. Those great alternatives to live squirrel traps are repeating live cage traps and one-way exclusion door traps.

Repeating Live Cage Trap
Repeating live cage traps are mostly used by professional wildlife removers. These traps are mounted onto the holes squirrels use for entering people’s homes. If all other alternative holes of escape closed, Florida squirrel invaders will have no other choice but to enter a repeating live cage trap and find its way outside. Repeating live cage traps feature a one-way door that makes the squirrel enter the trap but that doesn’t allow it to come back. The best part about repeating live cage traps is that they can catch several squirrels all at once.

One-Way Exclusion Door Trap
One-way exclusion door traps are far better than repeater traps. These traps are similar to the repeater traps, but they don’t open at their end. This means that once a squirrel finds its way outside through exclusion trap, it won’t be able to reenter it again.

Squirrel Baiting
Squirrels are omnivorous animals. This means you can bait them with various things. However, the two best Florida squirrel baits are peanut butter and nuts.

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