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Squirrel Prevention Tips

Entertaining Animals
Squirrels are animals that are endlessly entertaining for us and our pets. We would most certainly be sad if squirrels left our neighborhood. However, we would also be extremely annoyed if squirrels would invade our property. And know what? It is a pretty common thing that Florida squirrels invade properties. The main reason why these cute animals invade people’s yards and homes is food. Squirrels are ready to do anything for food, even destroy your yard or attic. However, there are ways how people can prevent squirrels from invading their property. In this article, we will teach you humane ways how to prevent squirrels from devastating your home and property.

Controlling Squirrels Outdoors
As we said previously, the main reason why a squirrel would show up at your property is food. You should take this fact in consideration and start removing food that can be found at your property. This means that you should get rid of food remains found at your property that may invite a squirrel to intrude your Florida property. You should make an effort and remove all acorns, nuts, and berries that are found in your yard because squirrels are especially drawn to such yards abundant in nuts. We also recommend you to secure trash cans in front of your house because squirrels are, like raccoons, also capable of getting into trash cans.

Bird Feeders and Squirrels
Besides squirrels love invading yards and homes, they also love intruding bird feeders. And why wouldn’t they love invading bird feeders when they are an abundant source of food? These animals are amazingly crafty when it comes to stealing food from bird feeders. However, there are ways how you can prevent a squirrel from approaching your bird feeder. Let’s find out those ways:
• Buy something called squirrel guard for your bird feeder. When you purchase this squirrel guard, attach it to your bird feeder. This special accessory will prevent Florida squirrels from getting a grip on your feeder for birds.
• Don’t set up bird feeders near your home.
• Keep the surface below your bird feeder clean. We know that this is a tough job to do, but by doing it will keep you yard free of squirrels.
• Put some safflower seeds in your birdfeeder. Squirrels hate safflower seeds and they will most likely avoid any birdfeeder containing safflower seeds.

Protect Your Garden
If you have vegetables in your garden, the chances are high that squirrels may invade your garden very soon. However, you can take some precautions to prevent that from happening. The best way how you can protect your garden from squirrel invaders is fencing your garden properly. We recommend you install a wire fence around your property. During the installation of wire fence around your home and garden, we recommend you bury it at least a foot into the ground. This will make the squirrels unable to dig under your fence and thereby not able to invade your garden.

Squirrel Repellents
There are a plethora of products available at hardware stores labeled as squirrel repellents. These squirrel repellents usually contain natural ingredients that squirrels find disgusting. Squirrel repellents you can buy at your local hardware store usually contain ingredients such as black pepper, cayenne pepper, or a combination of both ingredients. If you want to keep squirrels away from your yard, buy a Florida squirrel repellent based on predator urine.

Secure Your Chimney
Squirrels especially love entering people’s homes through chimney. Now, you can prevent squirrels from entering your chimney easily. The best way to make your chimney inaccessible to squirrels is to place a wire mesh over it.

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