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How to Catch a Stray Cat

Cats are pets that are generally found in the lawns and backyards of houses sitting and making meow sounds. There many kinds of cats those pet in the house are known as house cats and some are called wild cats that are found in jungles. Cats have specific characteristics of being known as single hunters. It means they like to hunt alone for their prey. Catching a stray cat is a very difficult job. One has to be very patient and knowledgeable about various features of a Florida cat. There are many different ways by help of which one can catch a stray cat.

Cats are animals which fall under the category of carnivorous mammal and has a high breeding rate compared to other carnivorous mammals. Also cats are considered to be friends for human beings and also have the ability to kill household termites and insects. One has to be very smart to catch a cat. The first and foremost step to catch a cat is to make sure about the background of the cat that is whether it is an owned cat or a stray cat. If an individual chases and wants to catch an owned cat, it can have opposite reactions which might lead to difficulty in handling the Florida cat. In case of an owned cat feeding should never be done. One has to be very particular about this as certain owned cats have special dietary requirements and periodic diet unlike stray cats.

Secondly an individual who is interested to catch a stray cat has to approach the cat in a friendlier way so that the cat doesn’t feel any sense of threat. Food is the most common trick applied by most people as with the help of this one can be close to the cat and eventually can trap it. Catching a stray cat requires lot of time and effort which an individual has to shed in order to catch a stray cat. All kinds of cat have high sixth sense which allows them to figure out any kind of unnatural or dangerous thing happening around him. So it is always important and advisable to be first approachable to the Florida cat and observe its characteristics for few days and then act according to its behavior. If the cat shows friendliness and eats food given, then slowly and steadily one has to make it fall totally into the grip. If in the process the mission becomes unsuccessful then one should never run behind a cat as it might get sacred and never come back to the individual. The way in such a condition is to let them go and after few days again repeat the same procedure.

Besides this, another easy way to catch a cat is by using basket with food kept under it and one end of the basket is elevated with a stick attached to a rope. As soon as the Florida cat comes in search of food, pulling the rope traps the cat inside. This idea has the maximum number of success rates.

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