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How to Kill a Rat

Part of the Solution
It is completely understandable that people who have a rat problem in their home want to get rid of rats by killing them. They don’t see a reason why they would feel sad for rats they are about to kill. But, what most people don’t know is that killing the uninvited rat guests is only a part of the solution. What is then more important than killing rats? One thing that is more important than killing rats itself is finding out how the Florida rats got inside first place. Once you find out place rats are using to enter your home, you should seal them up. It is actually pointless to kill rats before you close their entry points which will prevent new rats from invading your home. Your home will only be free of rats once you seal their entry points and get rid of them inside your home once and for all.

Two Primary Ways of Killing the Rats
There are, in fact, only two ways how one can kill a rat. In the lines that follow, we will feature those two ways how you can kill rats and get rid of them for all times.
• Poisoning the Rats. Poisoning the rats is a cruel way of getting rid of rats and a cruel way of rat control. Rat poison is a horrible thing. Rat poison will never solve your rat problem completely. Poisoning a rat is an inhumane way of getting rid of uninvited rats in your home. Why is rat poison inhumane? It is inhumane because it causes makes a rat die from a slow and extremely painful death. Also, not every rat will die of rat poison. And the Florida rats which eat the rat poison will die in your walls or in your attic, which will cause an awful smell. So, forget about poisoning rats to get rid of them. It just won’t solve your rat problem effectively.
• Trap the Rats. To get rid of your uninvited rat guests, you will need to trap them. Live cage traps won’t do the work for you in getting rid of rats. Even if you set up a live trap and you are about to relocate the rat you caught, the rat will die anyway. Rats just can’t live in other areas besides their territory. If you relocate your uninvited rats, they will die soon in that new area. This is why you should kill rats to spare them from death in an unknown area to them. Now, you may ask yourself how can you kill rats effectively by yourself. Well, there are numerous lethal rat traps out there, but our favorite one is the classic rat snap trap.

Snap Trap
The good old rat snap trap is the best trap for getting rid of Florida rats. This trap is incredibly effective. Many people claim that rat snap traps always work for them when they have a rat problem. We can say that there is no better lethal rat trap than the snap trap. Snap traps are extremely sensitive and they are great because you can set them up anywhere you want.

Other Ways to Kill a Rat
If you are too lazy to set up a rat snap trap, you should call a wildlife remover to kill rats with an air-powered gun. Air-powered guns are also great for getting rid of rats. This method of getting rid of Florida rats is the most viable option for getting rid of rats in someone’s home. However, we still recommend you use snap traps to get rid of rats.

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