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How Many Stray Cats are in the United States?

United States is country where we find a lot of people petting cats in their home. Almost every second home will be found with either a cat or a dog. There are different breeds of cat that Americans like to pet, starting from the feral cat to Florida stray cats. Approximately there are millions of stray cats found in United States. The number is going on increasing as people are unable to provide food and basic veterinary treatments to their pets. According to a survey done by National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) it was found that approximately 62% of the total population has a pet in their house. Out of which around 86.4 million cats are found in United States of America.

Stray cats are basically cats that are left abandoned in the street and don’t have a home. Out of the total population of the cats around one third are considered to be stray cats and don’t have a specific home or a particular owner. These cats are found generally in the streets and are homeless. Apart from stray cats also there is another common kind of cat that is found in America that is called Florida feral cats. Feral cats are cats that fall under the wild category of cat and are not usually regarded as pets. Stray cats after proper neutralization process can be taken as a pet. Cat’s population is rising at an increasing rate and is becoming overpopulated with each passing day. Cats are animals which fall under the category of carnivorous mammal and has a high breeding rate compared to other carnivorous mammals. Also cats are considered to be friends for human beings and also have the ability to kill household termites and insects.

They can reproduce as early as starting from 5months old and can become pregnant almost 2 to 3 times in a year. This is a very common syndrome that has been seen in a cat which doesn’t restrict their population increase. Cats generally prey on small sized animals and are kept in the house to keep away house mites and don’t require any care to reproduce. Nowadays with recession hitting every sphere of life, people are no longer petting any animals and are abandoning them. An approximate calculation undertaken by pet experts showed that on an average around $600-$800 are being spent on the welfare of cats like medicines, vaccines, treatments and their food. An increasing population of cats led to one deadly practice by the human which is called euthanasia. This is a method by which the cat is injected a medicine which will eventually kill the Florida cat. This was a very inhuman practice that was practiced widely to control the rising population of cats. After considerable period of time a much better policy was launched to control the increasing cat population, this was called neutering. It was done on a cat to stop their ability to reproduce so that the population can be taken under control and had no side effects.

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