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How to Protect Yourself against Dangerous Stray Dogs

Meeting a dangerous stray dog along the way can be a terrifying and probably dangerous situation based on how you handle it. Learning proper dog protective skills is quite important for one’s protection. One simple advice is to avoid areas where you suspect dangerous aggressive Florida dogs may be found. If you have heard of the presence of an aggressive dog in a certain area, then that is not an area to walk through alone. Also stay clear of large dangerous dogs even if they are fenced in as large agitated dogs have been known to jump over fences to attack people.

Dogs can be more bold, aggressive and dangerous when in a group or pack. If you are supposed to avoid a dangerous stray dog then you can guess how important it is to avoid a pack of stray dogs. Stray dogs are more common along country roads. Some people just dump their Florida stray dogs in the country and so stray dogs are more likely to be found in such areas. Abandoned dogs are usually frightened and frightened dogs tend to be aggressive and dangerous. When you meet a stray, do not try to pet the dog. Watch its body language to determine if it is friendly. Do not even try to pet an unknown dog even if it is walking by its owner. Reaching out to pet a stray may frighten it and cause it to attack you. Especially more to be avoided is trying to pet any dog that is drinking, eating or nursing its young.

Try to control yourself when you suddenly come in contact with an aggressive or dangerous dog. Dogs sense panic and fear in humans and these makes them even more aggressive. Avoid looking directly into the dog’s eye as it may interpret it as a threat. Keep the dog in your line of sight, but don’t look into its eyes. Do not try to run from the dog as it is dangerous to turn your back to a barking dog and the dog will most probably outrun you. Make no sudden movements.

Try giving the dog commands in a calm, but firm voice asking it to stay or sit. Loud shouts, shrieks or cries will only help frighten or antagonize the dog, further making it more prone to attack. Speak firmly, don’t try smiling or speaking in a friendly tone. You have to show it you are in command. If you were jogging or running when you approach the dog, slow down or stop as Florida dogs love to chase moving objects by instinct. If the dog does attack, try protecting your face, throat and sensitive areas with your arms. Don’t just jump around or flail your arms. If you fall down, try curling into a tight ball to protect yourself. Use anything with you to try to shield off the dog. If you are with an umbrella, try opening and closing it in the dogs face to scare it off. If possible get behind a tree or climb it. If you can get hold of a strong weapon, try to protect yourself. Whistles and pepper sprays are good weapons. By being relatively bold and defensive, chances is that you can scare off the dog.

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