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Bat Trapping

Bat Trapping

Bats are a common nuisance wildlife species in the state of Florida. Bats most commonly cause these problems:
  • Bats in the attic of house
  • Unwanted Bats on property
  • Bats causing damage to yard
  • Threat of disease spread by Bat
  • Bats endangering pets or stealing food
  • Bat infestation at commercial property
We can solve any problem/conflict with Bats, and are experts regarding their biology and behavior.

We humanely exclude them, and are considered the best in Florida bat removal

Bat Trapping: How To Trap a Bat

Bats have long been reviled in movies and television programs, and with good reasons. These are ugly looking creatures that are quite dangerous, and not only if they attack you. Bats not only have sharp teeth that can be quite dangerous should they bite you, but they carry a huge amount of disease and pestilence that make them quite dangerous to you, your family and your pets. These horrific creatures carry many different diseases, like rabies, and if a pet or family member is bitten there is no need to tell you that this can be a very dangerous event for them.

There are two other aspects related to bats that make them even more dangerous. First of all, these critters are very communal in the way that they like to live. If you are seeing one bat you can probably be sure that there are tens if not hundreds more where that one came from. These beasts basically hang from eaves, ceilings or other structures and simply drop their waste below them without so much as a “how do you do.” These can mean that literally gallons of urine and feces can be dropped on the floor of your attic or barn leaving disease and bacteria behind. This is clearly not a good situation for you at all.

Many have chosen to trap bats and dispose of them this way. This is a very humane and compassionate way to deal with the little beasts, but to do so you must be quite careful. Remember that bats carry a great deal of disease with them, so if they bite you then you may be in a bit of trouble. In any circumstance where you will attempt to trap or catch a bat you should wear heavy duty gloves, like workman wear, to protect you from being bitten. Also, if you have it, it is a good idea to wear a mask to protect from the germs they breathe out. Safety first.

If you want to go low tech, and you certainly can, there are many items around your home that you can use to trap a bat and get rid of it. A lot of times if you catch a bat in your home or garage and you catch it and release it, the bat will thank its lucky stars it got away and will not cause you any problems in the future. This can mean that a simple catch may be all you need to keep it from returning again, and if you find that there is just one then you can be pretty confident that its friends will not be returning soon.

One of the most common devices that people use to catch bats is a simple net, like a butterfly or fishing net. This is one of the most ideal situations because it doesn’t require you to touch the bat in any way until you are about to release it. Simply sweep the net at the bat and catch it, go outside, and pull the bat out of the net or swing the net around until the bat gets loose and let it get away.

If you do not have a net then you can use something as simple as a Tupperware container to catch it. If the bat is against a wall you simply approach the bat and push the container against the wall trapping the bat inside but against the wall. Pull the container a slight distance away from the wall as to slide something to put over the top of the container and take the bat outside and let it go. This is a simple way that works quite well, if you are not too squeamish to approach the bat. The main reason people fail in this plan is because they get worked up when they approach the bat, and even more so when they have it trapped and aren’t brave enough to slide that top over it. If you wear gloves and are patient you will fine.

A simple alternative to the net is to use a blanket. If the bat is on your floor or a piece of furniture all you have to do is throw a blanket over the top of it and wrap it up and take it outside and let it go. Bats are not necessarily quick to get away, especially when it is light. They are more sluggish if you have the light on, and so catching them is quite easy. Be sure to use gloves when you pick up the blanket.

The last one is for those who are truly brave of heart. You can simply go up with some very heavy duty leather gloves on and grab the bat with your hands. If you grab it around the body you can make them quite harmless, but many are not brave enough to try this.

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